External slatted horizontal blinds


Innovative external shading system that regulates light flow and heat. By changing the angle of the slats of the external horizontal blinds you can adjust the degree of illumination of the rooms. And also limit the penetration of unwanted glare without necessarily darkening them. An excellent balance between shading and daylight transmission. Their thermal insulation characteristics and clean look make them an indispensable component in the energy efficiency concept.

External slatted horizontal blinds are installed on the outside of the windows. And they are a stable construction of high-quality slats that have thermal insulation properties. By changing the angle of the slats, both complete shading and privacy in the rooms can be achieved, and a certain amount of light can be let through.
External slat horizontal blinds are designed for windows of private homes, workshops, shops, warehouses, production premises and others. They are not only convenient and easy to operate, but also extremely durable and resistant to weather changes. They are made of materials that do not change colour and qualities. And they do not deform in wind, heat or cold. Their reflective properties help to repel harmful UV rays and provide optimal conditions for resting or working in the rooms in which they are installed. By choosing any of the outdoor louvre horizontal blinds models, you not only successfully eliminate the sun glare, but also extremely good insulation of the interior of the premises.


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