Why choose profile-free glazing?

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Profile-free glazing or so-called profile-free joinery is characterized by a clean design and maximum visibility. It is a set of glass panels that slide on special tracks without roller shutters.

The trend for profile-free glazing has been booming for 20 years. This is because the idea of minimalism is increasingly entering our world. This type of glazing adds elegance and simplicity to a building's design. The original idea was for this type of glazing to protect spaces without changing the style of the building.


Choosing this type of glazing facilitates our daily life by providing maximum light transmission and sound insulation. The lack of vertical profiles ensures a full view of the view in front of you and provides a feeling of spaciousness.

You choose whether to open all the sashes and create an open space, whether to close all or part of your room. All these facilities provide comfort and coziness.

The profile-free glazing system is easy to use, versatile, practical and efficient. It is fast becoming an indispensable part of our customers' daily lives.

If you too would like to give yourself the beauty of seamless glazing, you can get in touch with us via our contact form. Our associate will answer all your questions.

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